Code Of Conduct

  1. Students should maintain discipline in the classroom playground and in the bus.
  2. Students should take good care of their health.
  3. Students should avoid vulgarity in talking and in behaviour.
  4. Students should not waste time in idle topic.
  5. If the class is going to vacant, they should inform the Principal / Academic In-charge.
  6. Students should not run or spit in the corridors or classroom.
  7. Students should flush the toilet after every use.
  8. Students should take good care of their health and personal hygiene.
  9. Students should not use any unfair means in the examination.
  10. Students should stand and wish when any teacher or visitors comes to talk to them.
  11. Students should speak in ENGLISH.
  12. Students should always be honest and truthful.
  13. Students should respect the beauty of the classroom and of the school premises and report any damage that they may observed.
  14. Students should not fight with their peer groups.
  15. Students should take pride in wearing the school uniform.
  16. Students should accept their mistake boldly, in case, they commit any. On the other hand, they should be strong enough to deny any charges against them, provided they have not done anything wrong.
  17. Students should be confident, brave and courageous and express themselves but with politeness.